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FRANK HAJEK & ASSOCIATES, PA MD $10,000 GRANT APPLICATION PROCEDURES Information to gather: • Client name • Description for type of business • Client EIN • Client State unemployment number • Client Business Code (NAIC) • Client formation date • Client type of entity (C Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Ptrshp) • Grant request - $10,000 • Description of Covit-19 impact (i.e. - lost sales; cost to safeguard employees, cost to avoid lay-off; cost to work remotely, etc.) • Principal Name • Principal title • Principal SSAN • Telephone number • Principal cell phone number • Fax number • Email address (we may need to use ours to set up registration login and password) Information to be gathered and scan to file (to be able to attach to application while applying on-line) • W-9 • Two year of financial statements (QuickBooks balance sheet and P&L; a copy of income tax return (first 5 pages); or Schedule C) • Attachment of cost impact from COVIT-19 When info is available and scans are saved for attachment, go to: • Maryland Covit-19 grants for business • Go to apply – Click here • Go to Commerce Department • Establish login in and password • Input and attach info If you require assistance, please call our office (410) 893-2083